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Zhejiang Haiyan Power System Resources Environmental Technology.,Ltd. (former name: sea salt force source power equipment co., LTD.) is engaged in the research and development, the production of nuclear power plants and power plants of all kinds of water treatment system equipment, microcomputer type variable group of relay protection system and substation integrated automation electrical equipment and other products of professional companies. The nuclear power plant all kinds of water treatment systems and electrical equipment performance has reached more than 20 units, power plant water treatment system performance in total unit has reached more than 250 units, thermal power hair become group protection system performance has reached more than 150 units, has achieved remarkable results in many fields.

Nuclear group of the nuclear power equipment in the company is a qualified supplier, and equipment in condensate polishing treatment system in 2013 was named in the assessment of the performance ability of 4 a grade, become contenders in the nuclear power equipment qualified supplier. Company or a sea salt - in the city of China's nuclear nuclear power industry key enterprises, has been built and under construction of nuclear power project including the qinshan nuclear power plant expansion project (Fang Gushan nuclear power engineering), fujian fuqing nuclear power plant in condensate polishing treatment system has a phase of the condensate polishing treatment system equipment, fujian fuqing nuclear power plant unit 5, and 6 project equipment, tianwan nuclear power plant expansion project in condensate polishing treatment system has 5, 6 units etc in condensate polishing treatment system has many projects. Company also for the Turkish atlas Mr Ken delun coal-fired power plant, Turkey AYAS coal-fired power station in the power plant, India symplectic ng tower, India will jay o, coal-fired power plant, phase ii of Vietnam haiphong, Vietnam coastal issue of coal-fired power plants, coal-fired power plants in venezuela international power plant provide corresponding systems such as the central power plant products, make the products out of China into the European Union, Asia, America and other markets, for our country's power plant water treatment and intelligent power station of scientific and technological progress has made a positive contribution.

The company has registered the national invention and utility model patent and the software copyright has reached more than ten, and more patents are still in the application, is a truly high-tech professional company.

Main products:

Chemical water treatment system

1. Condensate treatment system

Nuclear power plant condensate treatment system

Thermal power condensate treatment system

2. Power plant (including nuclear power plant) supply water (except brine) treatment system

3. Waste water treatment system

Regeneration water technology of municipal wastewater treatment plant

Thermal power plant sewage treatment

Industrial wastewater treatment system

Sewage treatment system

Oily wastewater treatment system

Sea water plus sterilising system

Plant flue gas desulfurization wastewater treatment system

4. Power plant soda sampling system

5. Power plant water vapor plus system

Automatic ammonia installation

Automatic adding amine device

Automatic oxygenation device

Automatic control system

Electrical products series

GE relay protection and control series

GE dual power switching switch ATS

GE transformer oil gas and micro-water on-line monitor

Low voltage complete switchgear equipment


Location of company:

The company is located in haiyan high-tech development zone of zhejiang province, located in the center of Shanghai, hangzhou and ningbo bridge, and is a high-tech product enterprise in zhejiang province. It has branches in Shanghai and Beijing.

Company development history:

Zhejiang haiyan force source environmental protection technology co., LTD. (HYPSR), its predecessor for the sea salt force source power equipment co., LTD. (founded in 1998), in August 2012 by jiaxing cazenove kinetic energy equipment co., LTD., wholly owned buy sea salt force source company legal person, formally completed handover in October of the same year, from now on for the sea salt force source of the company's development has injected new vitality. In June 2014, the company was changed into a joint-stock company.

Company's purpose:

Create wealth for society! Create value for customers! Create the future for employees!