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Safety first
Skills first
With the person this
Team collaboration

"Safety first, quality first" is liyuan company

The basic idea of work is that we work

An immutable principle.

Possess excellent professional skills and a good career

Integrity, ability to be safe, quality, complete

Set a target.

People-oriented, is centered on high-quality staff, the staff the realization of self-worth, and the integration of enterprise's development goals, the mandatory implementation of the management system of the change for the employees consciously abide by and perform, realize person's full scale development.

Employees should be based on trust, with tolerance as the bond, respect and tolerance of others, strengthen communication, appreciate others, and share the rights and responsibilities.


The company has a strong design team. The company has a complete range of technical, electrical and control professional designers, including experienced senior engineers and young and young technical backbone. After more than ten years of efforts, accumulated a lot of engineering design experience, now has obtained 11 national patents, more than 300 units have successfully delivered.

Company after years of development, cultivate a batch of familiar with process, electrical, control, all-round technical personnel, first-class commissioning and service ability, provides the system and equipment of commissioning and reliable after-sales service guarantee.


Quality supreme purchasing philosophy. Through hundreds of the implementation of the project, the company's purchasing department with a number of world famous brand supplier maintain good relations of cooperation, for owner to provide all kinds of high quality products, advanced technology for the power plant safe operation and energy saving efficiency provides a reliable guarantee.
The project management system of science and the key project management of nuclear power. The project manager is responsible for the project manager responsibility system, and the project manager is responsible for the management and supervision of the project, ensuring the quality and progress of the project.