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Progress history

With the continuous development of enterprises, more and more users, the product system all over the country, covered with each big power grid and power generation group, our enterprises are responsible for the product, responsible for China's electric power industry, and undertake corresponding social responsibility

Technology and environmental protection: let industry and social life more harmonious

1 It attaches importance to technological innovation and engineering practice, and a number of new environmental protection and resource conservation technologies are first used.

2 To be prepared for environmental problems: we are thinking, and we can do better.

3 Take responsibility for environmental protection, and offer Suggestions for the scientific water use of power and operating conditions.

4 The introduction and absorption of foreign advanced environmental technology development and promotion popularization.

We have a responsibility to make products more technologically and environmentally friendly.

Develop and build image at the same time

The task of the enterprise is to develop and profit, and shoulder the mission of increasing taxation and national development. We will continue to expand the size of our businesses, expand our tax share, and make contributions to the development of our country. At the same time, our development will take the long term, regardless of the overall situation, gu yo-o-o-friendly, to set an example for the industry water treatment industry and the electric industry.

Safe production

Rich experience, all-round project execution team, our company has sufficient strength to fulfill the responsibility of production safety and service. The concept of "safe first" has been deeply instilled in every employee of our company. Actively participating in the development of the national nuclear power industry, the term "security", as a nuclear power related enterprise and supplier, has given the company a new concept of responsibility.

Promote talent innovation, reserve enterprise resources and also reserve social resources

1 We will comprehensively promote technological innovation, organizational innovation, institutional innovation and management innovation.

2 We will increase investment in science and technology, improve the efficiency of capital use, participate in the activities of science and technology, and learn from each other

3 We will strengthen the construction of the talent pool, improve the incentive mechanism for innovation, and seek support from colleges and universities

4 Strengthen technical standard work, attach importance to project research

The company has a strong design team. The company has a complete range of technical, electrical and control professional designers, including experienced senior engineers and young and young technical backbone. After more than ten years of efforts, accumulated a lot of engineering design experience, now has obtained 11 national patents.

The benefit of the enterprise benefits the industry

Enterprise product benefits as the center, as the power industry and mining enterprise users to provide quality and efficient, energy conservation and environmental protection products, so as to promote the whole performance of the electric power industry, eventually create benefit for the society.