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discover our range 09 January 2017


Looking for gorgeous, healthy-looking hair? It’s the first step that counts, the right shampoo. And because there are different needs for the types of hair, Blends offers a shampoo solution for every hair concern so you can give your hair the best feel salon-fresh every day. 

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discover our range 09 January 2017


Tired of dry, limp locks? Now that is the job of Blends Conditioner to help transform dehydrated stressed strands into smooth and silky strands that look healthy and moisturized. Get ready to give your hair the ultimate treatment of care! 

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discover our range 09 January 2017

Hair mask

Hair Masks is an easy at home way to enjoy a moisturized mane. So, if you struggle to detangle your hair straight and give it a healthier look & feel, consider this your solution and a once a week treatment!

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discover our range 09 January 2017

Hair Cream

Looking to get the salon hair look? Blends introduces the hair cream line that will give you salon finishing on the all your hair styles. 

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discover our range 09 January 2017


Does your hair look lifeless and dull? Serum is your solution, it will help tame down the hair and gives you a sleek healthy look with every hairstyle you do.

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  • 24 Hrs. Moisture

    For Very Dry & Coarse Hair            Do you feel that your hair needs more moisturizing? Does your…

  • Crystal Shine

    For All Hair Types Looking to give your hair the extra healthy shine? Blends crystal shine shampoo helps…

  • Silky Soft

    For Dry Hair Is your hair dry and rough in texture? Blends shampoo cleans your hair scalp and…

  • Total Repair

    For Damaged Hair Is your daily hair routine damaging your hair?  Do you need a product that can…

  • Rich & Smooth

    For Frizzy Hair Is your hair frizzy? Does it take time to style? Blends Shampoo offers you the…

  • Anti-Frizz Shampoo

    For Split Ends & Frizz Free Hair Is your hair dull with visible split ends that bothers you?…

  • Thermal Protection

    For Colored and Weak Hair  Is your hair weak due to constant hair coloring & styling?  Thermal protection…