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Sea salt. The second meeting of China nuclear power industry alliance


Haiyan is mainland China independent design to manufacture its own birthplace of the first nuclear power plant after 30 years' construction has become China's nuclear power DuiXing, highest localization rate, investment than most the most advantage of the nuclear power industry base, associated with nuclear power industry unique talent, management, and location advantages. The establishment of the association of nuclear power associated industries will play a positive role in accelerating the construction of China's nuclear power city and promoting the nuclear power related industry.

Nuclear power related industry alliance by engaged in nuclear power equipment manufacture and operation of nuclear power construction management enterprises, research institutes and service agencies, etc, in order to "service, innovation, unity" for the idea, strengthen information communication, integration of resources, mutual cooperation, innovative services, nuclear power related industry core competitiveness in an all-round way.

It is reported, haiyan will set up a $50 million nuclear power related industry development funds, to encourage and support nuclear power related industry major project investment, the key technology innovation, talent introduction, for nuclear promote nuclear power related industry bigger and stronger

"The government's support of nuclear power related industry, make enterprise obtained the certain development funds, transfer the enthusiasm of the local business community nuclear power, to enter the nuclear power, but also promote enterprises to improve product competitiveness, improve visibility." The relevant person of the nuclear power affiliated enterprise jiaxing city multi-angle wire and cable co., LTD.

"In recent years, the sea salt give full play to the advantages of nuclear power, according to the 'docking, outside the county in the county to introduce advance ideas and actively promote nuclear power related industry development, cultivating and gathering of nuclear power related industry, nuclear power related industry has realized the quick start, pragmatic progress, steady development. The nuclear related industry in quanxian has become an important force in the economic life of sea salt. Yao dongming, deputy director of the nuclear construction office of haiyan county, said, "the support for nuclear power related enterprises will further expand the industry, arouse the enthusiasm of enterprises and boost local economic development."

To form a league

Built in just released the first batch of China's nuclear power engineering regulatory material centralized purchasing directory ", haiyan nuclear associated enterprises in zhejiang province xin xing tools co., LTD. Of the three bit series products, made the carbide drill steel, HSS drill steel and reinforced concrete hollow drill. The Chinese nuclear industry construction group corporation will adopt the principle of "mature and one collection" for products entering the catalogue.


Members of the company received government award funds, haiyanliyuan power equipment co., LTD., and received a number of awards.