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The annual training meeting of power generation relay protection and excitation system is calculated


Relay protection and the excitation system is the electric power production business owners equipment, distribution system is the main electrical system, its correct operation and reasonable application of guarantee the stable operation of enterprise equipment system, ensure the distribution system, power system, generator set, and even the security and reliability of the main grid.

In order to solve many problems of relay protection system and excitation system, at the request of the relevant units in the industry, China association of resources comprehensive utilization power branch will be held in installment "relay protection setting calculation and excitation system of power enterprises, operation maintenance, repair technical training course". This training, will invite the famous has rich relay protection and maintenance experience of excitation system line experts to answer the scene teaching, strive to through short-term intensive training, experience, case of point-to-point transmission, improve the skill level of students and the ability to deal with the problem, to deepen the professional electrical professionals.

We supply GE protection products are widely used in power users, covering major power grid and power generation group, the core products of GE hair become group protection system used in the system of large unit, put forward higher technical requirements. In order to further improve the technical level and ensure the safety and stability of the products, our company sent engineers and technical representatives to participate in this training, and strive to follow up the learning and synchronize user needs.