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Haiyan county nuclear power organization industry alliance enterprises to fujian to carry out industrial docking


November 25 -- June 26, a group of 17 key nuclear power related enterprises affiliated with the county nuclear power office and the county nuclear power association jointly organized the industrial docking and inspection activities in fuqing nuclear power plant and ningde nuclear power plant in fujian province. The general manager assistant, the President of the alliance, kong yuchun, the deputy director of the county nuclear power office, yao dongming and other leaders participated in the investigation and exchange activities. (our company also sends representatives to visit and exchange with each other.)


On the 25th, the team first came to fujian fuqing nuclear power co., LTD., which was welcomed by the leaders of fuqing nuclear power co., LTD., the fuqing project department, and other companies. The team visited the construction site of fuqing nuclear power plant, accompanied by the leaders and experts of fuqing nuclear power. The total installed capacity of the six nuclear power units in the fuqing nuclear power project is 6.6 gw, with total investment of about 90 billion yuan. At present, the base 1 unit has completed 168 hours of demonstration operation and is about to enter into business. The fuqing will be the seventh nuclear power plant in China. Fuqing nuclear power is one of the most independent nuclear power projects in China. One comprehensive localization rate of 75%, unit 2, 3, 4 # unit integrated localization rate of not less than 80%, 5, 6 units will use independent three generation nuclear power technology in China "hualong" number one solution, integrated localization rate will reach 100%. The project provides a wide range of cooperation space for the manufacturing and running service enterprises.

In connection with the communication, the research team introduced the construction of China nuclear power city, the development of nuclear power related industry and the construction and operation of qinshan nuclear power base. Representatives of sea salt enterprises also introduced the production and product of enterprises. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the next step of cooperation.

In the afternoon, the research group conducted face-to-face industrial docking with the fuqing project department of China nuclear power co., LTD. The investigation team listened carefully to the information of the project department on equipment procurement. According to the introduction, there are 235 qualified suppliers in the fuqing project department of China nuclear and China nuclear, including 6 types of materials and equipment equipment procurement. The supply of items for unit 3 and 4 needs about 1061 items. The two sides have conducted in-depth exchanges on the next step of cooperation in equipment procurement.

On the 26th, the team went to the fujian ningde nuclear power plant for investigation and connected with the ningde project department and ningde project department of zhongguang nuclear engineering co., LTD. According to the introduction, Germany's nuclear power plant plans to build six gigawatts of nuclear power units, the first of its kind in the country, with a total investment of about 50 billion RMB. The four units of the first phase of the project are to adopt CPR1000 nuclear power technology with the independent brand of CGN, which has a comprehensive national production rate of 80%. At present, the unit 1 and 2 have been put into operation, and the number 3 and 4 are expected to be completed next year. During the construction of the project, more than 300 suppliers provided products and equipment.

Understand the basic situation of our county city construction of nuclear power in China, in two or three company ningde nuclear projects department, nuclear engineering company in ningde to my county to city construction of China's nuclear power project department leadership, to serve the development of China's nuclear power industry respect and admiration. They hope that the next step will be more contact and exchanges between the two sides to enhance cooperation and seek common development.