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Zhejiang province environmental pollution control engineering special design, total package certification training

For the purpose of organizing the special design recognition certificate of environmental pollution prevention and control project of zhejiang province, and the technical personnel of the general contracting qualification certificate to continue the education training class (waste water)

In order to further improve our province environmental protection enterprise competitiveness, standardize the market for pollution prevention and gradually improve the quality of the design, the total package units, head of technology, I will be hold in hangzhou on May 27-28 issue of zhejiang province environmental pollution prevention and control of special engineering design approval certificate, general contracting qualification certificate unit technical personnel continuing education training (waste water), matters related to notice the following:

I. training purpose

Through training, the design personnel engaged in water pollution control project to understand the environmental protection situation at home and abroad, master the latest environmental protection technology, and be able to adapt to the job requirements of this position.

Ii. Training objects

The technical personnel of the unit and the newly declared unit have been obtained.

Iii. Training contents

Domestic and foreign environmental protection industry situation, dynamic, laws and regulations, standards; Related technologies and successful cases of water pollution control.

The training course employs experts from colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, and experienced experts.

Iv. Examination and certification

Training of qualified personnel assessment, GDCCP unified issued by zhejiang province environmental pollution prevention and control special engineering design approval certificate, general contracting qualification certificate technical personnel continuing education training certificate, the certificate shall be uniformly printed number.

5. Training time and manner

The training time will be from 27 to 28 May.

The training time is two days, which focuses on teaching for one and a half days.

Vi. Training location and cost

1. Training and reporting location: hangzhou xixi goldfish resort (no. 373, tianmu road, hangzhou);

2. Each of the trainees shall submit a photo of the 1 inch (black and white color, color) and a copy of the identity card.

3. The training fee shall be 1200 yuan/person (including teaching, teaching materials, materials, examination and certification, meals, etc.), and the accommodation shall be arranged by the training class in a unified way, and the expenses shall be self-incurred.

The training fee may be handed over to the conference office at the time of reporting, or to advance remittance through the bank.

Collection unit: hangzhou zhe environmental protection technology co. LTD

Bank: icbc hangzhou high and new branch academic road branch office

Account number: 1202223209900033877

Vii. Contact information

Address: 204-206, building 2, west doumen road, xihu district, hangzhou city

Contact: sun ying, zheng zihan

Contact number: 0571-81023280

Fax: 0571-89775781

Our company will send 10 engineers to take part in the training and forensics.