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Our company is a member of the national nuclear engineering company to inspect China nuclear power city - sea salt conference


The deputy general manager of the national nuclear engineering company and the head of the procurement center of the national nuclear power technology company will conduct a tour of China nuclear power city. We have visited a number of key nuclear-power related enterprises in haiyan, and conducted docking and exchange activities with 12 nuclear power affiliated enterprises in our county. The national nuclear engineering company is the EPC general contractor of three nuclear power plants, haiyang nuclear power, rongcheng shidao bay nuclear power and the following new generation of nuclear power projects, responsible for the procurement and management of bulk equipment materials.

Our company (haiyanliyuan) is one of the 12 nuclear power affiliated enterprises and one of them also attended the meeting. In recent years, the water treatment and electrical system of many projects such as haiyang nuclear power plant have been set up. Communication meeting, we also learned a lot of important information, listened to the nuclear technology leading experts to supplier claim to be a nuclear power qualified suppliers, and seek enterprise constantly improve and create more cooperation way, eventually provide high quality products and services for nuclear power.

Meeting summary

Shanghai: deputy general manager of China nuclear engineering co., general counsel, national nuclear engineering company procurement office, etc.

Haiyan: county leaders, nuclear power leaders, key business leaders of the nuclear industry alliance, etc

Iv. Main arrangement of communication activities:

1. The two sides meet and introduce each other

2. The leaders of haiyan county have introduced the welcome words and briefly introduced the development of nuclear related industries in our county and the construction of China nuclear power city

3. The head of the nuclear power office of haiyan county introduces the basic situation of industrial alliance

4. Relevant leaders of the state nuclear engineering company introduced the process of purchasing and bidding, etc. (PPT)

5. Communicate with the responsible person of the company responsible for sea salt

6. Shanghai guests will visit the key related enterprises of sea salt

7. Visit the coastal new town industrial park