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2017 national industrial wastewater zero-emission high-end BBS


The third national industrial waste water zero emission high-end BBS

Recently, the third session of the national industrial wastewater zero discharge and high-end BBS held in wuhan, as the national sewage work continues to advance, and the water environment is facing severe challenges, to improve the efficiency of water, to achieve the effective water saving and water reuse, wastewater emission reduction and resource recovery has become an inevitable choice. Seek treatment process stability is better, stronger, lower operating cost of wastewater treatment process, solve the "last one kilometer" of industrial waste water processing link, achieve the goal of wastewater zero discharge, has become the needs of the development of the industry will also bring a new round of market opportunities.

Current wastewater zero emissions no unified standards and norms, system running stability is not high, high operating costs, such as salt crystals and biochemical sludge disposal is difficult problem, has become the main obstacle to industrial popularization and application.

Magazine, industrial water treatment, combined the relevant units hosted 2017 the third session of the national industrial wastewater zero discharge high-end BBS, invite competent leaders, experts and scholars from relevant government departments, as well as from industrial enterprises and park, design institutes, research institutions, water companies, engineering companies, environmental protection, equipment, equipment companies, investment institutions and other units of professionals to attend, build communication platform, in order to discuss the innovation of the industrial wastewater zero emissions technology application and industrial development,

Our company also sends expert team, to go to the meeting exchange study, the technical priority, can become the real market opportunity.


Industrial water treatment magazine

China chemical society industrial water treatment professional committee

National industrial water treatment engineering technology research center

Asia environmental magazine

Attending enterprises

Hubei lianliang textile co. LTD

Hubei xianlong chemical co. LTD

China petrochemical jianghan oilfield branch salt chemical general plant

Hubei qianjiang city jinhua resources fertilizer co. LTD

Hubei yitai pharmaceutical co. LTD

China resources snow beer (tianmen) co. LTD

Wuhan iron and steel (group) company

Wuhan branch of China petrochemical co. LTD

China and South Korea (wuhan) petrochemical co. LTD

Wuhan diameter river chemical co. LTD

Wuhan qirui pharmaceutical co. LTD

Wuhan yifeng printing and dyeing co. LTD

Wuhan chenming hanyang paper co. LTD

Hubei grand fuchi pharmaceutical chemical co. LTD

Tonggreen mountain copper iron ore

Roquette biological nutrition (wuhan) co. LTD

Wuhan green fu bioengineering co. LTD

Angel yeast co. LTD

Yichang shuilin paper co. LTD

Hubei rice flower wine co. LTD

Yichang dongsheng phosphate fertilizer co. LTD

China petroleum chemical co., LTD. Hubei fertilizer branch

Hubei Oriental chemical co. LTD

Wuhan steel electric co. LTD

Guodian qingshan thermal power co. LTD

Wuhan changli glass (hannan) co. LTD

Wuhan golden phoenix paper co. LTD

Huaneng wuhan power generation co. LTD

Hubei new metallurgical steel co. LTD

Metallurgical non-ferrous metals co. LTD

Wuhan iron & steel resources group co., LTD

Huaxin cement (yangxin) co. LTD

Dongfeng motor company thermal power plant

Zhejiang haiyan liyuan environmental technology co. LTD

China resources power (yichang) co. LTD

Hubei xingfa chemical group co., LTD. (baisha river chemical plant)

Gezhouba xingshan cement co. LTD

Hua xin cement changyang co. LTD

Guodian Changyuan Electric Power Co.,Ltd

China petrochemical group asset management and management co. LTD. Jingmen branch

China salt hongbo group co. LTD

China salt Yangtze salt co. LTD

Guodian changyuan jingzhou thermoelectric co. LTD

Wuhan hangda aviation science and technology development co. LTD

Hubei qixing chemical co. LTD

Hubei xiangyun (group) chemical co. LTD

Hubei xinhong phosphorus chemical co. LTD

Dongfeng Honda motor co. LTD

Green mei (wuhan) urban mineral recycling industrial park development co. LTD

Wuhan xinxin integrated circuit manufacturing co. LTD

Hubei jingshan chutian barium salt co. LTD

Hubei yongshao technology co. LTD

Jiangsu hailan and environmental technology co. LTD

Lanzhou huaxing high-tech development co. LTD

Guangdong yimin water treatment technology co. LTD

Bison material technology (Shanghai) co. LTD

Hubei shilong chemical co. LTD

Zhonglin zhongke environmental technology (anhui) co. LTD

Datang environmental industry group co. LTD

Liquefied air (China) research and development co. LTD

Qingdao enpu environmental protection equipment co. LTD

Guangzhou power and haidge heat exchange equipment co. LTD

Park environmental technology (Shanghai) co. LTD

Shandong dayu water treatment co. LTD

Shanghai dayuan environmental science and technology engineering co. LTD

Beijing guohuanke environmental protection technology co. LTD

Hubei great valley chemical co. LTD

Southwest university of science and technology

Yinchuan shenhua environmental protection technology co. LTD

Jilin university of architecture

Zhonghua quanzhou petrochemical co. LTD

Hubei xiangfu chemical technology co. LTD

Institute of seawater desalination and comprehensive utilization of the state oceanic administration

Dalian thermal power new energy application technology research institute

Tianjin chengjian university

Emerson process control LTD

Shanghai fadden valves co. LTD

Xi 'an hanyu resin technology co. LTD

China energy saving industrial water engineering co. LTD

Shanghai edge pulse industrial co. LTD

Beijing zhongruishui research environmental protection technology co. LTD

Botian design institute

Shanghai ziba technology co. LTD

Xiantao xinda chemical co. LTD

High frequency meterley environmental technology (Beijing) co. LTD

Chengdu electric power machinery factory

Baosteel engineering technology services co. LTD

Hubei sanxiong science and technology development co. LTD

Hebei chengrun environmental protection engineering co. LTD

Aiunkosi fluid systems (Shanghai) co. LTD

Guang dongguan green environmental protection engineering co. LTD

China huadian industrial group co. LTD

Hangzhou tianchuang environmental technology co. LTD

Anhui colin environmental biotechnology co. LTD

Tai’an City HTC plating co. LTD

Cec Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.

Suzhou huachen purification co. LTD

Guodian puyang thermal power co. LTD

China light international engineering co. LTD

Shandong iron and steel group company laiwu branch

Yunnan province precious metals new material holding group co. LTD

Qingdao haihe environmental technology co. LTD

General hospital for power planning and design

Shenzhen municipal water purification technology co. LTD

Pearl river brackish water desalination institute

China national power engineering co. LTD

Wuhan refining engineering design co. LTD

Chengdu hao hong water treatment technology co. LTD

Jingyu (Shanghai) international trade co. LTD

Wuhan iron and steel group echeng iron and steel co. LTD

Jingmen branch of China petrochemical co. LTD

Vader paper (hubei) co. LTD

Hubei nochte pharmaceutical co. LTD

Hubei xinshengyuan biological engineering co. LTD

Hubei baiyunbian wine industry co. LTD

Hubei huanggang yili dairy co. LTD

Hongan county wahaha beverage co. LTD

Guangdong petrochemical institute

Changzhi jinning chemical co. LTD

Hubei huichu hazardous waste disposal co. LTD


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