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Final acceptance of the nuclear power project in fangjiashan


[avenue news] fangjiashan nuclear power project realizes final acceptance

2016-04-28 qinshan nuclear power

On April 25, the project of the expansion project of qinshan nuclear power plant (fangjiashan nuclear power project), the final acceptance and acceptance of the unit 2 of the plant, was held in haiyan, zhejiang province. Qinshan nuclear power co., LTD., China nuclear power management co., LTD., China nuclear power engineering co., LTD., signed the final acceptance (FAC) certificate of fangjiashan nuclear power project. Milre qinshan nuclear power co., LTD., general manager, deputy general manager ShouDeSheng, nuclear nuclear power in the operation and management co., LTD., general manager assistant HongTan, China nuclear power engineering co., LTD., general manager of opportunities as well as various contractors related leaders attended a signing activity. Qinshan nuclear power co., LTD. Deputy general manager cao shuilin presided over the signing.

Wang qiwen expressed his sincere gratitude to all the members of the project. He pointed out that owner company and the total package party, cooperated-builing parties in engineering construction actively coordinate and strong together, overcome difficult, successful completion of the nuclear group EPC general contracting mode first nuclear power engineering, and created the first cycle for two units are no unscheduled shutdown of the record, the safe and stable operation of the unit always, production has good operating efficiency. He asked, subsequent to actively play a talent advantage, resource advantage, improving the unit operation management level, efforts to qinshan nuclear power base construction become the most domestic units operation management experience, fosters the talent the most nuclear power base.



Liu wei says the construction process of fangjiashan nuclear power project is of great significance to the development of engineering companies. He represents the total package units to the contractors in Fang Gushan engineering thanked the arduous efforts, subsequent engineering company will continue to jointly with the relevant units to do a good job of running maintenance support unit.


At the signing ceremony, the relevant leaders of the participating units also made speeches and promised to complete the final remaining items according to the scheduled time.

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